Mystery Mansion

One team. One hour. One way out.

Escape at one of Arkansas’ Premier Award Winning Escape Rooms. You can see the difference in design and style. Rooms are all Private, Deep Cleaned between Each Group, and Socially Distanced from Staff and other players. This is the perfect location to escape with your family for an hour of fun that keeps you away from others. We know it has been a hard year and want you to feel like a part of our family while you are here.






FAMILIES (we love families!)









Come see why Mystery Mansion Escape has won numerous awards for fun, location, and fantastic fun. Check out our reviews and see why customers choose us for their special celebrations and family time.
Rooms are private, sanitized between each group,
and staggered start times to keep groups socially distanced.
All Rooms are Minimum of 3+ Players and can hold 3-10 players.
$30 Per Person Groups of 4 or less.
$25 per person for Groups 5 or more.
M-Thursday get a $2 discount per person.
All Prices Plus Taxes and Fees


You have volunteered to be a part of “memory” study but you can’t remember how. You have been assured that it is completely safe and you with your team decide to help science dive deep into how the mind works. Something isn’t right….but you can’t remember what has made you question their motives. You have no choice but to work your way through a web of puzzles.

Can you find the antidote before you lose your mind?

This room is an intense race to the very end.

Intermediate /HardLevel 9 -10          Appropriate for ages 12 and up but all children are welcome to come with family.
Success Rate: <5% with 3 or less clues  Holds 4-12 Players (Not Suitable for Beginners)

Location:  In the Basement which includes a flight of stairs.


Foster’s Fortune

Another great room full of mind boggling puzzles, clues, codes, and SECRETS.  You are secret service agents in search of stolen Double Eagle Coins from the Mint in 1933.   The US was on the gold standard and gold reserves were critically low.  President Roosevelt banned gold to solve the problem and by doing so created the most rare coin on earth.   

 This room is great for Advanced players with 5-6 escape rooms under their belt or fine for beginners as long as you don’t mind help from our Game masters. Advanced Level 8-9.     Appropriate for all ages 14 and up.     30% Success Rate Holds up to 8 Guests


Riddle High

Step back to the 80’s when you enroll at Riddle High School.  Your school has an unfair detention policy and you and your classmates are fed up.  You develop a plan to save the school by breaking  into the detention room and steal the slips.  Can you assemble the right breakfast club and get out on time?

Great nostalgic room with 80’s style props, pom poms, and lockers. 40% Escape rate still challenging but fast paced fun, good for all ages.

Intermediate Level 6-7        Good for all ages.   Holds 4-10
On Second Floor so must be able to climb a set of stairs.

Santa’s Naughty List  

Santa is not coming because your name has landed on his Naughty List and that will not do! Posing as carolers, you and your team must find the list and erase your names. Be prepared to have Christmas cheer for all to hear, spread joy and love, and help your fellow carolers . 40% Escape rate.  Challenging but fun.

Intermediate Level 6-7        Good for all ages.   Holds 4-14
In our carriage house so will include a short walk.
Almost the same room as last year with a new twist…sold out early last year so book NOW.


Isaac the Wise and Weird has started to see his age at 157 years old. He has created a trial for only the most talented and brave Potion Master-wannabes for the title of Apprentice. The challenge is to beat his trials and prove yourself worthy of the title.  Each trial has it own mystery and magic within. 

Will Hold up to 6 Guests.
Level 8-9: Hard (no hints)/Intermediate (Clues)
Theme Good for all ages but has a thunderstorm entire game so small children get scared. Beginners can play as GameMaster can provide extra hints.



This place is awesome, I highly recommend it if you want to do something fun in little rock!! And the owners are so cool and friendly…!!
Julio Z.
What a fun experience from start to finish! Entertaining, exciting challenging and so well thought out! We can’t wait for the next room!!
Sarah H.
SO much fun!!!! The owners are very down to earth and friendly people. I HIGHLY recommend getting your group of friends & going!
Ashley M.