Mystery Mansion

One team. One hour. One way out.















The Game Room

An F4 Tornado hit downtown Little Rock in January 1999.  Board games, games of strategy, chance, and skill had been scattered for blocks as they had been stored for generations in the attics of all these old homes.  The games and their pieces were found in the cleanup and thrown into a box to be dealt with later.  In the dark recesses of the our basement the bin was found and we need your help to get through the puzzles using codes and clues with a few tricks up our sleeve!!

Intermediate Level 5-7        Holds 4-14 Guests

This is a solvable yet challenging room and only about 18% actually solve it in 60 minutes.    You must have brilliant team working skills.  Are you up for the challenge to beat the clock?


Renowned Astrobiologist Dr. Foster is on the run from RosRock Industries, the “Big Brother” of science research.  Dr. Foster and his elusive lab partner were working on something top secret …so private that even RosRock didn’t have a clue.   Dr. Foster went on the run but before he did, he encoded all his research and work for you to explore.

You must find his research that takes you through a maze of high tech puzzles, codes, and secrets.  Can you complete his mission?

This room is an intense puzzle race to the very end.

Intermediate Level 7-8           Appropriate for ages 12 and up.                    35% Success Rate
Holds 4-12 Players

Location:  In the Basement which includes a flight of stairs.

Foster’s Fortune

Another great room full of mind boggling puzzles, clues, codes, and SECRETS.  Your are secret service agents in search of stolen Double Eagle Coins from 1933. Dating back to the Great Depression, the U.S. was on the gold standard and reserves were low. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 to solve the problem.  What he didn’t realize was that he created the most rare coin on earth!  For the history buffs in your group, this will be mind blowing reminder of where this house was during the Great Depression.  This room is great for Advanced players with 7-8 escape rooms under their belt or fine for beginners as long as you don’t mind help from our Gamemasters.

Advanced Level 8      Appropriate for all ages 14 and up.     30% Success Rate
Holds up to 8 Guests.

Riddle High

Step back to the 80s when you enroll at Riddle High School.  Your school has an unfair detention policy and you and your classmates are fed up.  You develop a plan to save the school by breaking  into the detention room and steal the slips.  Can you assemble the right breakfast club and get out on time?

Great nostalgic room with 80s style props with letter jackets, pom poms, and lockers. 50% Escape rate still challenging but fast paced fun, good for all ages. Do you have school spirit?

Intermediate Level 5-6        Good for all ages.   Holds 4-10
On Second Floor so must be able to climb a set of stairs.

The Naughty List

You just found out that your name is on the Naughty List and that just won’t do!  Pretend to be a Christmas Caroler and break-in to Santa’s office to take your name off the list.  An elf will be there to guide you the way but watch out, Santa will only be napping for 60  minutes.  Do you have what it takes to sing your way to success….if not, Santa will not be visiting you this year.

This room is challenging and fun.  No Grinches allowed!  Full of twists and turns and EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS!
Intermediate Level 6-7  –      Good for all Adults and Families      Holds 4-12 Guests
On Second Floor so must be able to climb a set of stairs.



This place is awesome, I highly recommend it if you want to do something fun in little rock!! And the owners are so cool and friendly…!!
Julio Z.
SO much fun!!!! The owners are very down to earth and friendly people. I HIGHLY recommend getting your group of friends & going!
Ashley M.
What a fun experience from start to finish! Entertaining, exciting challenging and so well thought out! We can’t wait for the next room!!
Sarah H.



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